• Tax and Accounting Practice Acquisitions

     BlackLine Partners acquires and manages highly effective and  profitable tax and accounting offices throughout California. 

    We provide ownership opportunities to individuals who want to achieve better control over their daily schedule, spend more time with clients and eliminate the administrative burden of operating a tax practice.  Our partners also benefit financially from their efforts to provide a cost-efficient platform to their clients.

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  • Acquisition & Partnership Options

    BlackLine Partners has several options that can be tailored to your needs

    Our Acquisition and Partnership Options work best for Owners who:
    - Stay in business but turn over the management
    - Work during tax season only, but not the rest of the year
    - Stay in the business but retire within the next few years
    - Retire altogether while maintaining an ownership interest 

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                               Call Nicholas D'Angelo at  619.508.7472



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"Our founding members have been serving tax and accounting clients since 1982."